Thursday, 11 July 2013

Brindley's Mill, Leek, and walking further than you realise

We drove the ten miles to Leek today just to have a look round (and to look at the canal, of course).

One sign which caught my eye pointed to Brindley's Mill. And here it is.

A plaque on the side of the building says that James Brindley, canal engineer, worked here 1742 - 1765.

Unfortunately the mill wasn't open to visitors today, but, interestingly, the much enlarged building is still used by a clothes manufacturer.

We walked in the heat to the end of the Caldon Canal. It was much further than I'd remembered. In fact, even though yesterday was the "walking" day and today was the "looking round Leek" day, we walked further today: 8 miles, compared with 7 yesterday.


flingel said...

A couple of weeks ago we moored at Leek and after walking into the town and back, we then decided to walk to Rudyard Lake by following the feeder at the end of the canal to the lake. If you haven't already done it, I recommend it if/when you next get the chance. It's several miles and a lovely walk and you can follow the feeder all the way. But the weather then was a bit cooler and just right for it - I think in the current heat, we would have been finished after getting back from the town!

Halfie said...

Yes, flingel, it's one for next time...