Friday, 12 July 2013

A hot day for walking, and a mysterious sign

Up to this point we had walked from Hartington along every compass point except north, so north we went. It was very warm, and the sun was strong even through a hazy thin cloud layer. While I took a photo Jan took a brief rest in the shade of a tree.

We (I) had decided to walk up Carder Low, a 379m hill roughly the same height as all the surrounding hills.

At the top we sat in the welcome shade of a rock and ate our picnic lunch. The view was panoramic, but my photos don't really do it justice.

Retracing our steps on the way down we were mystified by this sign. A footpath, yes, but not for humans? We'd already walked it in one direction without coming to harm, so we carried on. Nothing much happened.

On our way back to the village we stopped at Bank Top Farm for a cream tea. It was amazingly good. We sipped our tea and watched the swallows buzzing to and from their nests while the scones were baking. We had them hot from the oven. (The scones.)

My Garmin GPS showed an interesting record of the walks we'd done around Hartington. One of its functions is to display a track of where it has been, as well as showing speed, distance, elevation etc.

Distance covered on this walk? Only 4.5 miles, which seemed just right given the heat.

For our evening meal we ate at the Devonshire Arms. Tomorrow we have to be out of the cottage by 1000; and we don't have to rush home - the joy of my being retired!


flingel said...

The sign of the person with the red line through means you're leaving "Access Peak District Land" so you must now stick to the footpaths. Previously you must have been on Access Peak District Land (so you probably passed a similar sign somewhere but without the red line through) and on APDL, you don't have to stick to the footpaths but can walk anywhere on it.

Halfie said...

Thanks flingel. Now I know. Perhaps it's all explained in the bye laws. Can't think how I missed it.