Saturday, 19 March 2011

Wedding video edit finished at last!

Ally and Ben will be pleased to hear that I have, at last, finished editing the film of their wedding (that's me - the bride's proud dad - on the left in the still above). A week ago I wrote that I'd completed the first and most complicated part, the service, a three camera shoot. Over the last week I've put together the rest of it, including the speeches. The best man's speech was very funny!

As I write this, the DVD making program is doing its "asset encoding", which is taking an extremely long time. Two hours gone, and it's not half-way through yet. When that's done, it will take only ten minutes or so to burn each DVD. I wonder how many will be required.

I'm off to Braunston early tomorrow to help at the Shared-Ownership boat show. It will be good to get back on a boat, even if it won't go anywhere.

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