Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Surprise fraternal visit

My brother phoned me this afternoon to say that he was in Norwich for a meeting. This was Peter, the brother I don't see a lot of - just on Christmas Day, usually. Actually, he was going to be even nearer to us than Norwich: his meeting was at a hotel on the edge of our village. Jan went to pick him up while I cycled home, and we were able to give him shortbread biscuits, a Cheshire cheese sandwich and a coffee. And then I took him to the station.

Peter is not a narrowboater, but he takes to the water in a narrow boat. A very narrow boat. About two feet wide, I should guess. With oars (or are they sculls?). As a member of the London Rowing Club he rows competitively on the Thames, and must be even fitter than me (!)

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