Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Boating soon - must get planning

Yes, we have a couple of weeks on Shadow coming up next month. Hooray! The boat is now based at Wigram's Turn, which will be quicker for us to drive to than Tattenhall, which is where it was before. And two weeks gives us a lot of cruising options. I'm looking forward to sitting down with a few Nicholson's guides, and seeing where we could go. There's a bit of the BCN we haven't done; or we could go to Oxford; or to Stratford; or down to Northampton or up to Stoke Bruerne. We could do one of several rings ... but we won't go on the Thames this time.

I'll have to check on stoppages, of course, but I'm expecting scheduled works to be out of the way by April. Oh, and CanalPlan will be consulted too.

The photo is of us returning to Tattenhall last July after a trip up the Llangollen Canal. That's Hurleston Reservoir behind the grassy bank and fence.


Unknown said...

hi we have just started out on the cut and we have a blog for others to follow to see what and where we are doing we would like you to join us and follow us
many thanks
colin and tina ( nb go for it )

Neil Corbett said...

I love the planning bit almost as much as the trip! It builds up a lovely sense of expectation as well as helping to make sure you don't miss the good overnight spots etc.

I wouldn't bother with Northampton unless you are going to continue on down the Nene for a bit.

I'm looking forward to doing the Leicester ring this year. Just about all the reports I've read give it high praise.

Make sure your prop is screwed on tight this time :-)