Sunday, 6 March 2011

Timelapse: Bull's Bridge to Northolt

The final stage of our summer 2010 adventures on nb Willow is recorded in this timelapse film of 4th September 2010. After touching up some paintwork on our friend's boat we left the excellent mooring at Bull's Bridge Junction at 1110 to cruise along the Paddington Branch back to the boat's home base at Northolt.

The stop along the way was for me to cycle back to have a look at the boat we'd just passed. It had had a "for sale" poster in the window with a very low price. As I'd suspected, the notice was for a different boat. Not the bargain it initially seemed!


KevinTOO said...

Well thanks for letting us see your 2010 trip, most enjoyable :)

I noticed the Taylor Woodrow site has finally been re-developed, where there any boats using the mooring basin there?


Halfie said...

Thanks Kevin. Taylor Woodrow site? I took a photo of a small offline marina on the west side of the Paddington Branch calling itself "Engineer's Wharf" - do you mean that? I can see four or five boats there in my photo.

KevinTOO said...

Yes that's the one, I see it on google maps, nice to see they didn't turn their backs on the canal :) The site was originally owned by the Taylor Woodrow house builders, it was part of their head office land.

Do you know if Arthur Bennett is still running the Willow Tree Marina just south of there?