Saturday, 5 March 2011

Timelapse: Kingston-upon-Thames to Bull's Bridge

We're nearly at the end of the timelapse tour of the River Thames and some neighbouring navigations. On Friday 3rd September 2010 we left Kingston-upon-Thames and went down to Teddington Lock. There it seemed as though there was a long queue for the lock, but I walked up to talk to the lock keeper who said we could lock down straight away. Then it was a short dash down the tideway, a sharp left turn: and there were Thames Locks, our gateway off the Thames. We were glad to get back onto "proper" canals. But we hadn't left behind all adventure. This film shows us inspecting the opposite bank of the Grand Union after a semi-submerged log jammed the prop as we approached a lock. Fortunately fellow blogger Neil of NB Herbie was on hand to catch a rope and pull us in. Neil had come to help us up the Hanwell flight: you can catch brief glimpses of him in the film.

  • untying in the morning sunlight (0.02)
  • Kingston Bridge (0.04)
  • Kingston Railway Bridge (0.06)
  • mooring for Teddington Lock (0.18)
  • Teddington Lock (0.30)
  • Richmond Bridge (1.01)
  • Richmond Railway Bridge with train (1.03)
  • Twickenham Road Bridge (1.05)
  • Thames Locks (1.20)
  • Brentford Gauging Locks (1.31)
  • overhanging warehouse (1.42)
  • railway bridge with train (1.43)
  • A4 Bridge (1.44)
  • Clitheroe's Lock (1.47)
  • Gallows Bridge (2.02)
  • M4 Bridge (2.05)
  • Osterley Lock (2.06)
  • Prop jams (2.05)
  • Hanwell Locks (2.27)
  • Pause to refill low pound (2.51)
  • Bull's Bridge (4.32)
  • watering up and tying up (4.32)

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