Friday, 18 April 2008

When, when?

I was looking at ads of boats for sale yesterday. And calculating how long it would take to drive from home to a possible mooring on the Middle Levels, and how long it would take to cruise from there to the main canal system. Because I knew it existed - thanks Sarah - I picked as an example Bill Fen Marina. 1h 45m to drive there, and four days to cruise to Gayton Junction, and that's assuming the requisite 24 hours' notice has been given to Stanground Sluice. Or 48 hours - suggestions vary.

Or, I suppose, I could try for Welford, or Blisworth, and have a slightly longer drive but be on the canals straight away. Two hours driving is a bit of a trek at each end of maybe just a few hours on the boat. I sometimes work Saturday afternoons - I couldn't just pop down and do a bit of painting, say.

I've found a boat for sale at the right price, but I have to get the question of the mooring sorted first. And that involves input from my brother, if he's to go halves with me, and, of course, from my wife.

So I mustn't get any hopes up about the boat (looks good though!)


Anonymous said...

If you are thinking of living onboard then obvously traveling to and from the boat from Norwich every day is a problem and obvously the boat needs to be close as possible. Another advantage of the Levels is that I understand marina mooring places are cheaper than on the canals. The down side as you say is 4 days to get to the canals, fine if you can get at least 3 weeks off work at a time, but if its only a week you don't get to far.

Halfie said...

I just live in the wrong place! But you're right about the cheaper mooring fees. Hope the stuff on LED lights was useful.