Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Mon and Brec day three (part 1)

Monday 7th April 2008

Llanfoist to Goytre Wharf

Got up at 0700 but this time we didn’t start walking until 1015. Before that, though, we drove to Waitrose as I had noticed that the temperature gauge was reading high - and that no heat was coming from the heater matrix. At the petrol station I refilled the coolant, which had gone well below the minimum. I think the water pump is on the way out. With the coolant topped up we went into Abergavenny to buy an OS map of the last bit of the canal, then drove up a very steep hill just south of Llanfoist and parked by bridge 95. I got the bike out, and we recommenced our walk along the towpath.

Castle Lower Bridge 94

raised drain plug

aqueduct over tributary of Usk

Richard's Farm Bridge 93

Heol-Gerrig Bridge 92

Wooden Bridge 91

Morgan's Bridge 90

towpath work at Barn Bridge 89

Twyn-Glas Bridge 88

masonry work at Poplar Bridge 87

pumps at Ochran Turn Bridge 86

smoothing down the freshly applied clay ready for Terram bank stabilisation

bank stabilisation work on the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal

honeycomb Terram is held in position on Terram mat by steel pins, then aggregate is poured on top

Terram's head office is conveniently just down the canal at Pontypool, but you can be sure the stuff wasn't transported by water!

Thimbles Bridge 85

Ty Coch bridge 84 - here we get the water back

stop planks hold back the canal under bridge 84

Beech Tree Bridge 83

Pwllrhwyaid Bridge 82

Llanover Bridge 81

CaraCruiser "Schizo"

CaraCruiser "Schizo"

Mount Pleasant Upper Bridge 80

Mount Pleasant Lower Bridge 79

aqueduct over tributary of Usk

Mill Turn Bridge 78

Preacher's Bridge 77

Lapstone Bridge 76

Jenkin Rosser's Bridge 75

Goytre limekilns

aqueduct, Goytre

Goytre, from the Waterside Inn Tea room

At Goytre Wharf we stopped for lunch in the Waterside Inn - sounds like a pub but is actually a tea room with a bar. The bar was closed. The tea room should have been closed too, as the advertised opening days were Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but they were doing something for someone with special needs so they opened for food. I had a breakfast fry-up; Jan had ham, egg and chips. With peas. Weather up to now had been the usual sunshine, and warmer than yesterday, but, while we were eating, it tried to snow. The sun came out when we did, and we carried on.

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