Sunday, 19 July 2015

Tunnels and trains

Today we left the Trent and Mersey Canal and entered, via Preston Brook Tunnel, the Bridgewater Canal and widebeam country. Well, we saw one, in Preston Brook.

Our first tunnel today was Barnton Tunnel. Here you are asked to check that there is nothing coming towards you and enter only if that is the case. As we neared the portal we could see that the coast was clear, so I switched on the tunnel light and nosed in. But now there was a tunnel light at the far end! Was this a boat already in the tunnel or was it merely approaching with its light on? There was no way of knowing, so I bottled out and reversed back into the basin.

The chap the other end also reversed - we found out later - but came through when we vanished from his view. Three more boats followed him. It seemed to take ages until we were clear for entry. All this delay, though, meant we were in the time window for Saltersford Tunnel and had to wait only five minutes or so at Preston Brook.

I had completely forgotten the part of the T&M west of Barnton. There is some very pleasant farmland looking splendid under the fluffy clouds.

We stopped at Preston Brook for some milk from the Spar shop. Jan held the boat on the centre line while I walked to get it. Ignoring - this time - the Runcorn Arm we continued on the main line past the Daresbury Science Park to moor at Moore.

After tea we walked into the village and crossed the two railway lines a few times. At one bridge I was interested to see a diesel-hauled excursion train approach, go under us and stop at a red signal. This is the best photo I took.

Apologies if you were hoping to see the train! When the signal changed the loco made a wonderful noise as it slowly pulled the ten coaches and spare loco up the hill.

Back at the canal I did manage to get one semi-decent shot of the science park "water tower".

Apart from the occasional plane flying out of Manchester Airport this is a very quiet spot. (Just before the village moorings.)


Mrs.D said...

HI John, it was great to spend time with you on Friday and glad you are making progress up T&M and onto Bridgewater, Smashing photos.

Simon. said...

Melaleuca is only a little way ahead of you. We overnighted at Grappenhall, and we're heading to Castlefield tonight, ready for the assault on the Rochdale Nine and Ashton tomorrow.


Halfie said...

Chris, thank you for your company and your compliments. I was just thinking how nice it was to be cruising in the sunshine when it started raining!

Simon, we won't catch you up. We will go into Castlefield Basin but not up the Rochdale Nine. I hope the lock problems are sorted on those locks and the Ashton before you get there.

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