Saturday, 18 July 2015

Houses in the sky

We've passed Lion Salt Works several times in the past but today was the first time we were able to have a proper tour.

It has presented this face to the canal for years ...

... but now there's this as well.

A new Lion Salt Works Museum with lots of good explanations of the salt industry and how salt was made from the brine which was pumped up.

Before reaching the Lion Salt Works at Marston, however, we came through the exciting chemical works at Northwich. I was just too late to photograph the sign warning motorists of the "steam vapour" which might be emitted.

We tied up for the night at Anderton; this evening we walked to Barnton to recce a church for the morning. This is the wonderful view from the church.

I love the house in the sky appearance. What goes on up there? Why all the windows? There are similar buildings in Northwich too.

When we got back to Anderton we walked down to the Weaver to look at the boat lift from below. We won't be going down this year.

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