Monday, 6 July 2015

Fancy dress party brightens up the towpath at Amington

27th June 2015

Nearing the end of our time at Amington, the school visits are over, the fête has finished and we were preparing to set off for Alvecote. We were surprised, then, to encounter some rather strangely attired young ladies, clutching glasses or bottles, walking past the boats. It was the beginnings of a birthday party - in fancy dress - for the one in blue and yellow (if I remember correctly).

Two of them accepted an invitation to have a look round Kew.

At the Samuel Barlow pub at Alvecote Marina Jan and I made the customary quartet with James and Hazel and had a good evening of folk songs.

28th June 2015

The morning after the session at the Samuel Barlow we moved on to Polesworth where we went to the morning service in the Abbey. We set up our BCF stand and the frogs game in the abbey garden for the garden party that afternoon.

This was followed by yet another barbecue (you can't have too many) - the Co-Op must have done a good trade as this was a surprise to most of us.

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