Saturday, 4 July 2015

Boats visited by hundreds of schoolchildren in Tamworth

As part of the Boaters' Christian Fellowship "Come Aboard" event in the Tamworth area some five hundred schoolchildren visited several BCF boats. These were pupils from schools in Hopwas, Fazeley, Glascote, Amington and others between. The boat owners involved gave short presentations on the history of canals, water safety, life on board and our Christian faith. Jan and I showed children - accompanied always by a teacher or assistant - round Jubilee and talked about how boating life differs from or is similar to life in a house.

Similarities: central heating, settee, dining table, taps and sink, fridge, cooker, microwave oven, loo, shower, bed, washing machine, computer and mains electricity. Differences: compact space, need to fill water tank and empty loo, engine, no garden (apart from the ever-changing one outside which we don't have to maintain!)

There never seemed to be enough time to say what we wanted to say and answer questions - a horn or whistle would sound and we would have to shepherd the current group out in order to receive the next one.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves; we heard nothing but positive comments.

At Fazeley the BCF was involved in a fête on the school field by Tolson's Mill. Jan and I did our usual supporting playing with James and Hazel singing folk music on the stage; the racing frogs game was set up and a prayer/quiet tent was established for anyone who needed it.

The Fazeley fête was on a showery Saturday (20th June 2015); the heaviest downpour was when we were on stage!

Before we came on the Peel Puppets put on a good show, "singing" and "playing" to music tracks. Note the upturned chairs to keep the seats dry!

On the neighbouring Birmingham and Fazeley Canal nb Remus took on its customary trip boat rôle.

From Fazeley we moved up to Glascote for more school visits, then to Amington for yet more of the same. Here we took part in another fête, a much bigger affair than the Fazeley one. And with much better weather too! I have already blogged about how members of the local police force took on the frogs.

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