Thursday, 30 July 2015

Arriving in Liverpool (1)

The day had come! We were ready for the off at 0900; CRT were ready too and the first six boats made a prompt getaway.

The first section of canal after the swing bridge was notable for the amount of weed. There was plenty below the surface too.

I noticed our speed drop after a couple of miles; we had picked up plastic bags round the prop. Going into astern threw some of the rubbish off and improved things, but when we stopped at the Litherland services I pulled out great quantities of bags and weed. Things were a lot better after that.

Off to the right was the first real sign that we were approaching our destination: cranes marked "Port of Liverpool".

We were getting closer ...

... and closer ...

... and then came Stanley Locks, a flight of four manned by CRT volunteers taking us down to the docks.

On emerging from the bottom lock there is a smallish bridge hole to negotiate ...

... but what lay beyond?

To be continued!

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Vallypee said...

The anticipation is killing me!!