Friday, 14 December 2007

Not all Volvos are bricks

Here's my car. It's a 1969 Volvo 131, known (but not officially in this country) as an Amazon. I've had this one for about five years. It replaced a maroon 1968 131 which had suffered too much rusting to be worth while restoring. This one is in much better condition, although, as you can see, it needs a bit of TLC. By the way, that's my son's old BMW 5-series in the background (any offers?); a corner of our (more brick-like) 240; and, reflected, our daughter's Clio (still awaiting repair).


Del and Al said...

Just picked up your blog on maffis site..
Hopefully we will meet up in 2008
Happy Christmas..

nb Derwent6 (in build)

S said...

I have a brick - a 1988 240 saloon - and I love it to bits. Prior to this one I had a lovely red 1986 2.3 one. Current one is only 2.0 but is in such lovely condition, I got it three years ago, one previous owner, full Volvo service history, 200 quid.

Sadly it's now the family runaround and has had the front passenger seat removed to accommodate son's double bass, since the demise of the Flying Brick, as we called our 2.3 manual 240 estate.

Still looking lovingly on ebay for a replacement, but they're starting to command silly prices now. I always said it was a design classic.

But your Amazon is beautiful too.

Halfie said...

Sounds like you got a bargain there, Sarah. I had no idea the price of 240s was rising again! Our 240 is a 1987 DL 2.3 manual estate, but sadly it doesn't fly. It's always felt sluggish, although it's been very reliable (only one breakdown in 10 years) and extremely useful. We'll hang on to it for another few years I'm sure. Especially as there's no rust.