Sunday, 9 December 2007

Nine week cruise - day 2 - Sunday 03/07/05

Lee Swallow on the upper Peak Forest canal, 11th July 2007

Up early (a recurring theme) and at 0630 cycled back to Peartree Bridge to get the car. Then drove to Stoke Bruerne, parked up, and cycled back to the boat, arriving at 0830. We set off straight away, stopping at Great Linford for water. Discovered that the water tank was an extremely slow filler as there seemed to be a constriction in the pipe to the tank. Gave up when other boats arrived to use the water tap and carried on. Stopped at Cosgrove to continue watering. This was taking far too long: we solved the problem later. Went up Stoke Bruerne locks with "Calcutt C". Arrive at Stoke Bruerne at 1640. Jan got off and drove home, (she hadn't broken up from school yet) leaving me single handed. Yippee! I can still remember the excitement, the freedom, the exhilaration: I sang silly songs in Blisworth Tunnel! At 2115 I moored up at the Narrowboat pub, Weedon. That didn't work out too well - they stopped serving food at 2100. Oh well, a pint of Bombadier and back to the boat for on-board provisions. Now I feel like a true boater.

11.7 hours
24 miles 6 furlongs
8 locks

14.7h; 31m 6f; 9l

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