Friday, 14 December 2007

Nine week cruise - day 4 - Tuesday 05/07/05 David joins

Braunston to Coventry

0600 Got up. It's sunny ... but not for long. Under way at 0645. It really is the best time to be cruising: the water is still, the reflections perfect, and you're on your own. Passed under the M45 at 0800 and moored at Boughton Road Bridge 59 in Rugby where my brother David joined. He'd come up from London by train (down, I suppose that should be, but that doesn't seem right when travelling north) with his bike and a large kit bag with shoulder straps.

Had a look round Rugby by bike. Bicycles are indispensible when boating, and when there are two of you, and you each have a bike, it makes it easy to explore your surroundings, get supplies, go to the pub etc.

Got going again at 1215: David steering while I cooked a fry-up for lunch. It started to rain about now, and it was still raining when we moored in Coventry Basin at 1920.

10.9 hours
27 miles 7 furlongs
4 locks

Cumulative 31.9h; 70m 4f; 26l

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