Monday, 10 December 2007

Nine week cruise - day 3 - Monday 04/07/05

On board NB Shadow near Gas Street Basin in Birmingham on 24/05/02 (no relevant pic of Lee Swallow to post for this entry)

Up at 0615. Well, no point lying in bed on my own when there's a lovely canal to cruise! Weather forecast promised rain. After setting up the timelapse camera on the roof I got going (0700). Tackled my first solo locks going up the Whilton and Buckby flights. Took my time, as per all the advice, and had no problems. No other boats going my way but I didn't mind. It would have almost spoilt the fun if I'd had help! It started to rain just as I entered Braunston Tunnel, but by the time I emerged the rain had stopped. Good timing, eh? Oh, why do you always meet a boat in the kinky section of the tunnel? Same reason you meet a boat in a bridgehole on a blind bend, I suppose. Down Braunston locks with another boat. Here I realise that there are so many details missing - such as: which boat? How do other people manage to record so much detail when they're cruising? How do they do it when it's pouring with rain?

At 1415 I moored just beyond Braunston Turn on the North Oxford canal. Cooked and ate brunch. Sent David a text message to the effect that I'd pick him up at Bridge 59 tomorrow. Then had a 20 minute snooze. Cycled to Willoughby and had a look round. Discovered that the Rose Inn is shut on Mondays. Cycled to the Admiral Nelson by the Braunston locks and had a pint of Abbot. Very good.

Back to the boat to do the washing up, then walked into Braunston village. Had Steak'n'Ale'n'Mushroom pie at the Old Plough for £7.95. OK.

Back to the boat again. It rained in the evening, but not heavily. And it hadn't rained on me while cruising.

6.3 hours
10 miles
7 furlongs
13 locks

21.0h; 42m 5f; 22l

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