Friday, 14 December 2007

Nine week cruise - day 5 - Wednesday 06/07/05 Cathedral breakfast

Coventry to Polesworth

London to host the 2012 Olympics! Jubilation short-lived: see tomorrow's post.

Got up at 0635. Well, I did, anyway. We'd seen a poster yesterday at Coventry Cathedral advertising breakfast following an early service, so at 0730 we turned up. The service was held "in the round" in a chapel on the north side of the cathedral; the breakfast was in a basement room - I wouldn't call it a crypt - and consisted of bread rolls, home-made marmalade, and tea. We talked to our neighbours and had a good time.

Returning to the boat we passed a Royal Mail sorting office where there seemed to be a walk-out. Writing this two and a half years after the event I seem to recall it was actually a fire alarm or something - perhaps David can remember.

At 0925 we set off from the basin. We stopped at Valley Cruises chandlery for a metre of hose (£1.60) to try to improve the method of filling the water tank. We eventually connected the spiral hose which came with the boat to the tank's vent with a short length of narrow-bore hose. Now filling up is done by connecting the other end of the spiral hose to the tap and removing the "proper" cap from the tank for ventilation. This has made an amazing difference: we can now fill up at a normal rate.

At 2020 we moored at Polesworth and ate at the Cafe Spice Indian restaurant. I had a good chicken chat starter, and a not quite so good meat jalfrezi. This was to be a rare occurrence - eating out, that is - David being keen to live slightly more frugally and eat on board most of the time. This worked out reasonably well: we kept ourselves provisioned up which meant we could do more hours by not worrying too much about coinciding with a pub when we moored up for the night. We did get through supplies of bottled beer rather quickly, though!

9.3 hours
21 miles 4 furlongs
11 locks

Cumulative: 41.2h; 92m 0f; 37l

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