Monday, 3 May 2021

Railway/lock crossings

As I was awake early, and as rain and strong wind were forecast for later in the day, I got going at 0730. It was still calm and dry, and stayed that way past Stockton Brook Locks. Here the old railway crosses the tail of the middle lock of the five and, as I think I have already mentioned, is easily accessible. I paused for a moment and pictured a steam train rattling across the bridge in front of me.
I can think of at least two other places where a railway crosses very close to a lock: Lock 37 on the Stoke flight and the Northgate Staircase in Chester.  In fact, I might compile a list of such crossings.  Suggestions welcome.

As we continued the rain gradually started coming down, not too heavily at first so I thought we would just carry on.  Eventually it was time for lunch, by which time we'd made it to Hanley Park.  As we ate the rain stopped.  Let's crack on to Etruria, I said, and the rain started up again.  Planet Lock and Etruria Staircase were with us, but we were both dripping wet by the time we tied up at about 1500.

The rain eased and I walked to Tesco Extra for some supplies.

Not many photos today in the interests of keeping the camera dry.  Tomorrow we might stay put for a day or we might carry on through Harecastle Tunnel.  Watch this space!


Sarah said...

There's one on the SSYN where the trains thunder over you as you work the lock. Sprotbrough? Somewhere between Keadby and Doncaster anyway. Of course at Keadby they have the sliding bridge too.

Pip and Mick said...

The one on the SSYN is Doncaster Lock. The ECML passes overhead.
Others that come easily to mind: Farmers Bridge in Birmingham, a disused one between 1 and 2 of the Bosely flight,there's one towards the top of Wolverhampton flight. If I think of more I'll post again.

NB Oleanna

Halfie said...

Sarah and Mick, thank you. I suppose I'm thinking more of the very close crossings, where the canal seems to dive under the railway at the last minute. The sliding railway bridge on the Stainforth and Keadby is indeed very close, but there isn't a lock nearby.

Sarah said...

I thought they opened the sliding bridge while we were still in the lock ... am I remembering wrongly? Quite possibly, as I had recently had quite a traumatic experience!

Halfie said...

Sarah, there is a (road) swing bridge at Keadby Lock; the Vazon sliding railway bridge is half a mile to the west.