Friday, 29 May 2015

We didn't move far but we had a good time. My trainers should recover.

[Confusion alert: there are two people called Chris in this account. One, on Eleventh Heaven, is male; the other, on Essence, is female. Also the Les on Eleventh Heaven is female. Just thought I'd better clear that up. (There are also two Jameses, but you don't really need to know that. It'll only make it more confusing.)]

We didn't rush to get up this morning, but when we did I saw that Adrian was just walking back from setting the first lock. As he and Chris were expecting to share the locks with us I hurriedly put my waterproofs on and took my cereal to the helm. It was raining quite hard as we went down; my breakfast got slightly diluted.

It rained even harder when we stopped at the services at Kilby Bridge 90 minutes later; my supposedly waterproof trainers decided they weren't waterproof at all. It was nice at last to take them off together with my sopping socks when we had moved across to the 48 hour moorings opposite. The crews of Gabriel and Jubilee then went for a warming coffee and ginger cake on Essence (very tasty cake, thanks Chris). Back on Jubilee I lit the stove for a bit more warmth (it is very nearly June, after all). Oh - and the rain stopped more or less at the same time as we did.

We had decided to stay in Kilby Bridge for the day, with the strong possibility that Chance and Eleventh Heaven would turn up. Gabriel and Essence left for Leicester or beyond, leaving us to recce the pub for later and think about having some lunch on board. Then Chance and Eleventh Heaven did indeed arrive; we invited both crews for lunch but Chris and Les on EH declined having already sorted their own lunch, leaving Doug and James to share a simple salad meal with us. (Thanks for providing the wine, D and J.)

In the afternoon Jan and I walked into the town of Wigston, about a mile and a half away up the hill and down the other side. By this time, thankfully, the rain had stopped and it was on-and-off sunny/cloudy with a strongish cool wind. We bought a few non-essential supplies from Sainsbury's and Aldi and returned to the boat to get ready for joining Doug, James, Chris and Les at the Navigation pub for a meal. As someone said immediately afterwards, the food was good but the company was better.

Then we went back to Chance for coffee/drinks and engaged in a fair amount of laughter, as can be seen from this self-timed photo.

James, Doug, Jan, Chris, Les, Halfie
We had a great evening; thanks very much guys.

As I write this the stove is going again. This morning's socks have just about dried out; the trainers will take a lot longer. Tomorrow is supposed to start dry with rain in the evening. We intend to get to Leicester with a stop for a cream tea at King's Lock on the way.


Vallypee said...

What a life! Now if it would just stay dry for a bit!

Nev Wells said...

All looking so relaxed and happy.... a good photo. Retirement seems to suite !

Halfie said...

Val, yes, we're enjoying our floating life. Today was much drier - no rain and I was able to wear my trainers again. (By the way, I believe birthday congratulations are in order (saw your brother at Crick).)

Nev, one day you will be in the same boat, so to speak. Quite possibly, literally as well.