Saturday, 9 May 2015

Atherstone Locks to Bedworth for a dinner date

We went up the nine remaining Atherstone locks and continued to Nuneaton, where we tied up for lunch.

Jubilee heading for Lock 3
We stopped at Bridge 23; while Jan was getting some salad together I nipped to the handy Nisa supermarket for a newspaper. After lunch I checked the oil level as it was the first run since I changed the oil and filter yesterday. I topped up the oil slightly to bring the level midway between the max and min on the dipstick.

We didn't see any cygnets today, but there were several broods of ducklings.

In Bedworth we tied up outside Christine and Terry's house; they joined us for a meal on board. Just after stopping a family paddled by on their inflatable canoe.

After the meal we went for a short walk along the towpath, then had a pleasant evening chatting in Christine and Terry's sitting room.

It hasn't rained today, but it's been rather windy and a bit chilly. I get the feeling summer might be around the corner, though. Just don't ask me when.

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