Thursday, 7 May 2015

Inadvertently pushing floating rubbish before us as we cruise

We wanted to get to Fazeley today so we motored on through several showers of rain and, at one point, hail. Jan made a nifty turn at Fradley Junction into the Coventry Canal. Look how black the sky is behind the Swan.

We stopped at Whittington to have a look round the village. The church was unlocked; one of the few to have been so this trip. This restored post office cart looks splendid (with the red phone box) in the village green.

The polling station behind indicates that today people have been voting in the general election.

After one shower passed overhead there was a strange rainbow. I don't recall seeing one this low in the sky before. I'm sure there's a good explanation.

Further on Jan pointed out how well a tree in a field of oilseed rape was being lit.

One thing Andrew Denny of Granny Buttons always used to say - and probably still would if he were to resume his blog - is how he photographs the light in a scene.

Finally for this post, each time we stopped I had to remove a branch or a mass of twigs/reeds from where the bow meets the water. There is a projecting piece of the base plate which seems to collect any flotsam which gets in the way. The effect, of course, is to slow the boat down and increase fuel consumption. This lot was after just three miles.

Other than constantly looking over the bow as we cruise along - and hooking any detritus out of the way - I don't know how to fix this.

Presumably there's a reason for the base plate projecting like this, as I have seen it on other boats.

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