Sunday, 3 May 2015

Moon and Star at Stone

This morning we went to the nearest church to us, Trentham Methodist Church, where we received a warm welcome. Then we piled our plates* at the Toby Carvery, after which feast we returned to the boat and continued our journey southwards.

This is an unusual sight: Jan working a lock. Our normal practice is that I operate the locks and Jan steers in and out of them.

Trentham Lock
Today's weather was that British classic: sunshine and showers. One deluge came at an awkward time; I was passing moored boats on my right while passing a boat coming towards me on a bend with trees on the left. The wind was doing its hardest to blow me into the trees as I struggled to get a coat on. In the end I let the boat look after itself as I tried, unsuccessfully, to keep dry. The boat was going nowhere so I went in and changed out of my soaked shorts. A shove with the cabin shaft got the back end into deeper water and I was able to carry on.

We used the facilities block at Stone; here is Jubilee emerging from Newcastle Road Lock with its separate horse tunnel under the road.

We tied up shortly afterwards at the 24 hour mooring on the offside just above Star Lock. Not the most scenic spot - we're right next to a car park. If one of the boats on the 48 hour moorings opposite moves off tomorrow we'll take their place. That's if we decide to stay a bit longer here.

The (almost full) moon looked good rising above Jubilee and the Star Inn.

At 1 second exposure the moon is just a fuzzy blob, but the fairy lights above the canal have come out all right!

* I piled my plate; Jan says she had a normal size portion

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