Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Crick prepares

I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that we had an enjoyable glass or two of wine with Chris and Joy of nb Wrens Nest after our meal in the Boat House pub. It was good to meet you, and I'm humbled that you read my blog. I shall have to add you to my blog roll.

We made a leisurely start from Braunston this morning, stopping to top up with water before sharing the locks with Dunslavin.

Kevin and xxx (oops - we didn't discover Mrs Kevin's name) on Dunslavin were on their way back to Crick, so we followed them through Braunston Tunnel and up Watford Locks.

The tunnel was notable for two incidents; a passing boat suggested I should point my tunnel light up at the roof. Was I dazzling him? No-one has ever commented on my tunnel light before. The other incident was being hit by a boat despite my hugging the wall. Dunslavin was hit by the same boat.

At Watford Locks the boat in front of Dunslavin was the steamer Adamant. This would explain the smokiness of the tunnel. In this wonky photo Adamant has its funnel lowered as it enters the bottom lock of the four-rise staircase.

We were fortunate to do all the locks in the dry; it started raining almost as soon as we left the top lock. Then it hailed. Crick Tunnel came as a bit of a respite, feeling warm as soon as we entered. I thought it was rather misty in there until I removed my glasses. They had steamed up the instant we hit the warm air.

Immediately after exiting the tunnel the mooring restriction signs - for the Crick Boat Show - were in evidence. The temporary bridge to the show site looks a rather more elaborate affair than in previous years. The bridge was still being constructed, but I suppose they have a day or two to finish off.

The sky above the show site looks threatening, but I understand the forecast for the weekend is - at the moment - quite good.

The eagle-eyed will have spotted a certain well-known boat on the left.

To finish with today, the view from our side hatch now we are tied up past all the reserved moorings. This is Crack's Hill, up which we scampered this evening.

And a view from the hill itself: wind turbines and sky.

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