Monday, 27 February 2012

Timelapse: Wood Lock to Stockton

We're on the last day of our April 2011 cruise now. I'm really pleased with how all the timelapse filming came out, especially as there's no way of seeing what the camera sees when setting it up. I have to point it in the right direction and hope for the best. Apart from one or two power supply problems on the south Stratford Canal I have an almost complete record of our cruise. It included some lesser-frequented parts of the BCN. They, for me, were the best bits.

Today's timelapse film covers from Wood Lock 19 on the GU, up the Bascote Locks and Stockton Locks to the Boat Inn by Birdingbury Wharf Bridge 21 at Stockton. We did a lot of boat cleaning here, and ate lunch in the pub.


Graham said...

Thanks Halfie, I've enjoyed sharing you cruise with you. Graham

Anonymous said...

Did you not see my question after your Hatton Locks entry?


Halfie said...

Graham, I'm pleased you've enjoyed it. There's one more to go.

H.S., I've replied to your question now.