Sunday, 19 February 2012

Timelapse: Lowsonford to Preston Bagot

I haven't yet been able to upload the timelapse of the first - and most interesting - part of day 11 of our April 2011 cruise as YouTube keeps "rejecting" the file. So here is the next part of that day's journey: 1' 48" of timelapse film covering Lock 31 at Lowsonford on the Stratford Canal to beyond Bridge 49, a mile south of Preston Bagot.

I hope to figure out a way of uploading part one at some point.


Jim said...

I enjoyed that one! Straight past my old mooring at Lowsonford,below the lock. I see that unlike most days your lock-wheelers weren't able to get the locks ready in time, presumably those Stratford locks are just as slow to fill as they ever were!

Halfie said...

We'd swapped rĂ´les for a bit - Jan must have wanted some exercise - and she doesn't cycle on towpaths!