Monday, 20 February 2012

Timelapse: Billesley to Lapworth

Yes, I've done it! I've managed to split the unuploadable file into two, and have managed to get them both onto YouTube!

Here is the first of the timelapse films, 2' 40" long, covering from Bridge 5 on the Stratford Canal down to Lapworth Top Lock no. 2.

See Shirley Draw Bridge rise in front of us!

Watch as a boat reverses out of our way at Earlswood Motor Yacht Club!

Wonder as Hockley Heath Draw Bridge draws out of our way!

Marvel at how the next moveable bridge, no. 28, lifts as we approach!

Tomorrow I'll post the onslaught on the Lapworth lock flight and more.


KevinTOO said...

Briliant video of the north Stratford Halfie.
Mind you I still whince everytime I see the Drawbridge pub side of bridge 8, my one and only (so far) ducking in the cut many many years ago. My friends used to moor their boat right by the power line pole at Hockley Heath at the boatyard.
Happy times :)

Halfie said...

Thanks Kevin. I think you'll enjoy tomorrow's timelapse too. Falling in the Thames is my speciality - have not fallen in a canal yet.