Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Canals at 200 mph; and Timelapse: Curdworth to Holloway Bank Bridge

This timelapse film is 6' 49" duration and took too long to upload last night for me to post it here last night. So here it is now, showing us ascending the Minworth Locks, passing under the building at Erdington and under Spaghetti Junction, going up the Perry Barr flight and over the M5/M6 interchange. The pink splodge coming out of the sky in the last bit is the sun. When it's shining directly into the lens the camera's CCD chip can't cope.

I somehow managed to record both the time of our leaving the mooring at Curdworth and our passing Holloway Bank Bridge exactly nine hours later. This means I can calculate that the amount by which the film is effectively speeded up is about 80 times. So our usual 2.5 mph cruising speed here looks more like 200 mph!


No Direction said...

Impressed with that tidy mooring rope on the front.

Halfie said...

Thanks Ray. I've since learned that ropes are best left "uncheesed" so that they are easier to use in a hurry.