Sunday, 24 July 2016

Oh no - the computer has died

Two minor hiccups and two Good Things today. First the Good Things. A little online research yesterday led us to Christ Church for the service this morning. It was very good. We were interviewed about the Boaters' Christian Fellowship during the service, something we've done in other churches before, so we were used to it. The other Good Thing was the Brook Street Cafe nearby, to which we and several others who'd been in church went for lunch. We had a good roast lamb with excellent roast potatoes. (The veg wasn't quite so good but perfectly acceptable.) And only £5.50 including a drink.

The not so good things were that our laptop PC has died. This is a bit of a problem as it is the main repository for all my photos; it's also where we download documents etc. from e-mails and websites. Fortunately I have a "smart" phone, but I'm not very smart with it. For instance, my camera has a button labelled "WiFi", but I don't know how to proceed. (I've tried switching it on and connecting this phone to it but it wants me to launch the image app which I can't find.) We will need to find some way of transferring the data from the broken machine to its replacement when we get it. Anyone know a good computer shop in Chester?

The other not so good thing was something that happened as we were tying up at Tower Wharf this afternoon. I can't write about that yet - it's something which I shall return to at the right time. Sorry to be so mysterious. Yes, after lunch we met up with Jan's friend Jane and descended the Northgate Staircase Locks.

Sorry I cannot illustrate this post with photos. I hope that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


Tom and Jan said...

Laptop has died as in ?????

No lights
Lights and starts but doesn't run
Lights but won't start

Halfie said...

Tom, it's the screen. Sorry, should have been more specific. It's cracked; there's a display of sorts but it's jittery and only the top half is vaguely readable. There is a 15-pin socket which looks like an external screen could be plugged in, but I imagine such a screen would be almost as expensive as a new laptop.

KevinTOO said...

I can recommend the following company, I have used them for 2 laptops, very reasonable prices, work undertaken to my satisfaction.


KevinTOO said...

Sorry hit the send button to early...

If this is your only option I would be happy to act as your intermediary post office cum courier...

If you want to chat about this please contact Sue on NP-XL
and she will give you my email/phone details.

Halfie said...

KevinTOO, that's very kind of you. We'll be in touch if we need your help.

Quaysider said...

don't rule out the external monitor funtion... if it's the 15pin one, (vga) you can pick one up for buttons these days

OR check on the rear of your tv for a vga connection


Halfie said...

Thanks Mark.