Sunday, 10 July 2016

Learning (a little) about steam locos

Despite having moved the boat away from LLangollen we decided to go back there by car today. We went to the service in St. Collen's entitled "Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Changing the Story". It was led very well by the vicar; there were plenty of dignitaries there, including two bishops, Terry Waite, the mayor and mayoress and two choirs from overseas. These were (our favourite) Coro San Benildo from the Philippines and Quire of Voyces from California, USA.

After the service we walked up to Plas Newydd to see the house and gardens of the two so-called Ladies of LLangollen who lived there for almost half a century a long time ago.

We ate our sandwiches in the garden.

Then we walked back down to the Bridge End Hotel to have a cup of tea (excellent) and to watch the Wimbledon men's final. Jan and I left David watching the tennis after the first set; we had an ice cream by the river. I talked for a while to someone on the platform of the LLangollen Railway about what controls and indicators a steam locomotive has, it was all very interesting. I hadn't realised who he was until, with three minutes to go before the train was due to leave, he suddenly said "I ought to be going" and climbed into the cab to wind wheels and pull levers etc. He was the driver.

(I actually took the above photo to show the car-fuel-tank-type indicator on the water tank.)

As soon as Murray had won David and I climbed up to Castell Dinas Bran, then we had good roast dinners in the Bridge End. Huge portions for £9.00 each. And then we returned to the boat.

Tomorrow we'll position ourselves ready for the descent of Frankton Locks. We might even escape the lure of LLangollen!


Adam said...

I'm amused by your habit of giving Llangollen two capital 'L's at the beginning!

Halfie said...

It's the Welsh spelling. LLangollen begins with the letter "LL". (As distinct from the letter "L".) Terribly fussy, I know!

Jim said...

As a Welshman I too have noticed the "LL" and as you say, it is a different letter to "L" However I have to say that in written Welsh the upper case version usually appears as "Ll" The Welsh alphabet has 29 letters including "dd" and "ff" but no J K or X

Halfie said...

Jim, I stand corrected. In future I shall write "Ll".

Jim said...

Diolch yn Fawr!