Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Is this a pile of rubbish?

We descended the four Hurleston Locks and thus left the Llangollen Canal after three lovely weeks. We turned right onto the Shropshire Union main line and stopped at Nantwich just past the services.

On the way we passed a boat using an umbrella for its original purpose, i.e. providing a little shade.

There was a boat being rebuilt.

And can you see what this is?

There's a clue bottom left.


It's a boat.

After lunch we talked to neighbours Tony and Pat on Paws for Thought and had some very good cakes Pat had baked. Then we went into the town and restocked in Aldi. It was nice to get into the air-conditioned store; coming out was like stepping into an oven. Today has been hot. The hottest day of the year so far. And tomorrow they say it's going to rain. Is that it for summer, then? Three days? We'll see.

As we sat chatting with Tony and Pat this evening the sun set behind the trees.

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