Sunday, 17 April 2016

Return of the bilge water

I mentioned yesterday that it had been snowing in Market Harborough. This morning it was still lying in a shady corner outside St. Dionysius' church, where we went for this morning's service.

Back at the boat we watered up, had lunch and moved into the basin ready to wind and come alongside the service point. There was a lot of activity in the basin; a boat had just gone ahead of us and was winding to reverse into its mooring, a dayboat was trying to leave the basin and a hire boat was coming up behind me. I slowed to let the private boat finish its winding manoeuvre; meanwhile the hire boat behind me nipped onto the service point. Cheek! We were able to tie up in front of it, though; and it was all understandable as there was an open day in progress with, presumably, lots of free trips for people. As we set off having emptied the loo yet another hire boat started to head towards the exit of the basin; fortunately we were waved on. I say "fortunately" as they were very slow!

We stopped at Foxton to have a walk round the village. Looking back at the boat I saw that the list had returned. Sure enough, when I looked in the cabin bilge, the water had returned. Boo. Now I really don't know where it has come from. The only thing which has altered is that we refilled the water tank. Aha, you say - it's leaking from there. But I've checked, and there is only dry rust in the area under the well deck where the connection to the tank is. All pipe joints in there seem sound. We'll be up in the air tomorrow, out of the water. If we can get the cabin bilge pumped out (again) we'll see if the water returns. And I had thought it was the shower sump. Apparently not.

At Debdale Wharf marina we tied up to their pumpout mooring. This is where we waited last time before being directed to the lifting bay. It was all very quiet: no other boats waiting and nothing apparently being worked on. I know it's Sunday, but still!

After a delicious home made curry (thanks, Jan!) I crossed the bridge and walked towards the sunset. These are a couple of the photos I took.

Tomorrow, then, should be the start of the blacking process. I hope also to resolve the bilge water issue very soon.


eeyore said...

I hope that you have remembered your ladder to get into the boat while in the air!

Vallypee said...

Oh dear, I know that mystifying issue about water in the bilges. I have a constant battle with it. Sometimes it's condensation, other times, it's rain water getting in somewhere. Then there's leaky pipes etc etc. Every time I think I've fixed something, I have a spell of dry bilges before something else happens and the water is back.

Halfie said...

Eeyore, the ladder, fortunately, is supplied!

Val, yes, we ran through most possible scenarios. I don't know why my first thought was the least likely, i.e. a hole in the hull!