Saturday, 30 April 2016

Drayton Reservoir; raffle success

One of the organised events on this IWA Northants Branch weekend at Braunston was a guided walk over the top of Braunston Tunnel. I went on this, and was glad of my full waterproofs. Near the highest point of the hill we turned south to look at Drayton Reservoir in Daventry, somewhere I'd not visited before.

We then followed the outflow feeder to the canal at the eastern portal of the tunnel before walking back over the top to our start point.

I walked briskly back to the main marquee where I caught nearly all of a talk by John Pomfret on the history of canals with particular reference to Braunston; I also attended a talk by Tim Coghlan on the history of Braunston Marina.

In the evening we both went to the entertainment (a live duo) and took part in a raffle. One of my tickets was the third to be drawn, and I claimed what I had already marked down as the top prize: a £50 voucher for Whilton Chandlery. That makes up for our lack of success at the beetle drive and the bingo yesterday!

Later, people got into the spirit of things (or were volunteered to do so).

There's one more day of events tomorrow, then I shall be helping to dismantle on Monday.

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