Monday, 25 April 2016

A flurry of bloggers; one came to tea

A lazy start today saw us leaving Norton Junction at about 1100. Just as we set off it started to rain, and this was more than a drizzle. Having met a few boats coming the other way I was surprised to find we had Braunston Tunnel to ourselves. The rain had stopped before we entered; on the other side it started again as we came down the locks. At Wharf House Narrowboats at the bottom lock I got a tin of red paint for the tunnel band. Now I need to find a day which is not too cold and when there is no prospect of rain. Not too difficult, surely? Oh, it is. Oh well.

Just past the chandler's was No Problem; Sue said hello and warned told us that there were several bloggers in the vicinity. We tied up at the first available mooring behind this boat.

We soon found that it was Milly M, aka Maffi's boat. Before long there were Sue, Maffi, Bones, Alex, Chas and Ann and us talking on the towpath.

It was the first time we had met Chas and Ann, good to see you, and Alex, ditto. It was a real shame you were on a flying visit, Bones, two minutes with you is not enough!

We were pleased that Maffi accepted our invitation to join us for tea. I remembered to take a photo.

We are having some post forwarded to Braunston Post Office which might be here tomorrow. If it doesn't arrive we'll stay another day.

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