Sunday, 24 April 2016

New ammeter display works

Kath asked for a photo of Grace, Terry and Christine's boat, specifically the name, for the Herbies' granddaughter, Grace. Unfortunately I read her request after they had departed. Fortunately I had taken precisely the required photo as they went past this morning.

Bye bye Terry ...

Bye bye Chris!

Fellow BCF members Bob and Jan had arranged to pick us up from Buckby Top car park to take us to their church in Long Buckby this morning.

We enjoyed a warm welcome at St. Lawrence's, where the worship was up-to-date and lively. We were invited to come to the front and talk briefly about the Boaters' Christian Fellowship - it wasn't the first time this had happened to us in a church situation.

Back at Buckby Top we went for lunch at the New Inn. It was the best pub Sunday lunch we've had for a long time. The portions were plenty big enough, even for me! We both had the half roast chicken for £7.95. Very tasty and excellent value. And hot, on hot plates! If I were doing a proper review I'd have to knock a point off for some of the dishes being cleared away before I'd finished eating, but that's a minor quibble.

This afternoon I had another go at connecting up the replacement digital ammeter display unit (the first one from China didn't work). This time it worked as intended, although the three significant figures are too many, really. Just the whole number of amperes would have been sufficient - it's quite distracting having the number constantly changing in front of your eyes. The good old analogue moving coil meter is much easier to read.

And just look at all those amps! Hooray (again) for the new alternator and the new (simplified) wiring!

This was when the washing machine was on and doing a heat cycle. To reiterate about the analogue meter: ignore the VOLTS legend; each division represents 11.4A, so for the 95A shown on the digital display the analogue meter should be reading about 8 1/2 volts. Which it is.

This was the view through the side hatch later on.

Tomorrow we intend to stop in Braunston.

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