Sunday, 6 September 2015

More tea, vicar?

All right, it's lunch, not tea, but there's never any shortage of food at a BCF Barbecue, especially when it's at The Taft. And you won't be surprised to learn that there are a few retired vicars and other church ministers in the Boaters' Christian Fellowship. I can think of at least three who were at this year's barbecue weekend.

Before lunch Martin (one of the retired vicars) led a service of communion in the marquee. I'm sure God was laughing with us (and Edwin) when Martin drew attention to Edwin in his Sunday best suit.

Later, David B. presented Peter and Julie, our hosts for the weekend, with a teapot. It was actually one of their teapots, but filled with cash donations from all of us who had enjoyed their hospitality. And we all had.

As the weather was so good, David L. took to his canoe for a paddle on the canal.

Then he went for a dip in the neighbouring River Trent. He reported the current as being too strong to swim against (we had noticed a couple of days ago how much water was in the river).

Tomorrow we'll leave The Taft and head for the Black Country Boating Festival. We've left it too late to book a mooring, so we'll have to hope we can tie up beyond all the booked boats somewhere - and get wristbands for the evenings. We have now planned our schedule for the rest of our six month jaunt; it sees us return to the south midlands for some work to be done on the boat and to be near our winter mooring. Neither the work nor the mooring has been finalised yet.

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