Friday, 18 September 2015

Lovely Lapworth Locks

We set off from Hockley Heath just after half past nine this morning having seen no sign of life on Waiouru. As we slipped past a figure hiding behind a camera lens appeared in the side hatch.

A few seconds later the camera vanished and we could see Jan and Tom to wish them "bon voyage".

We continued to the Lapworth flight in glorious T-shirt weather - warm and sunny. (I thought the forecast was for torrential downpours.)

Some of the locks are so close together that to pass boats coming the other way a side shuffle has to be performed by one or both of the boats. Here the oncoming boat moved over giving Jan a clear run into the next lock.

We paused at the services at Kingswood Junction, then tied up on the short link canal for lunch. Our original schedule had us stopping at Rowington on the GU, but we carried on to a little way above the Hatton locks ready for that delight in the morning.


Neil Corbett said...

No, I'm sorry, you must have made a mistake. That can't be Tom and Jan. They don't look like that in my minds eye! :-)
Kath (nb Herbie)

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