Sunday, 20 September 2015

I thought I was waving through just one boat ...

Coming through Leamington Spa this afternoon I saw a boat approaching the other side of a bridge hole. I was nearer the bridge, but there was a moored boat the other side so I held back and waved him on. I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition there to be three more boats behind the leader. One of them was this unusual wide beam which I've seen several times before.

The convoy was making rather a lot of noise, perhaps fuelled by the alcohol in evidence on the boat tops.

The day had started with sunshine; we walked to Saltisford Church for the 1030 service. We were due off our mooring at 1200; when the speaker hadn't even begun his talk by 1120 I knew we were going to be a bit late. As soon as the service finished, at 1200 (!), we left and hurried back to the boat. Another boat was hovering waiting for us to vacate our slot!

At the very end of the Saltisford Arm, where we had moored, is a new sculpture called "Celebration".

The plaque (with dodgy punctuation) explains that it was "opened" (unveiled?) in 2014 in recognition of the volunteers of the Saltisford Canal Trust who had worked over the previous 30 years to make the place what it is today: a really lovely boaty spot.

Tomorrow's weather forecast is for rain, and lots of it. We might delay departure until lunchtime, when it's supposed to ease slightly, but we have to make Wigram's Turn which is five hours away. So we can't leave it too late.

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