Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Alternator belt replaced in the nick of time; meeting our old boat

This morning, as planned, Terry helped with some jobs on Jubilee in the rain. First we moved the boat over to the pub mooring opposite, then attacked the rusty patches by the leaky window with a scraper and sandpaper, then I applied Fertan. The intention ultimately is to feed in some of Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure. Oh, and touch up the paintwork as well.

The next job we tackled was the replacing of the engine alternator belt. All was going well until we found that the large diameter pulley for the domestic alternator would have to come off before the engine alternator belt could be removed. This is, apparently, a known thing with Isuzu engines - it's exactly the same on Grace, Terry and Christine's (Isuzu powered) boat.

So we put it all back together again. The engine alternator belt was on its last legs, hanging on - almost literally - by a thread.

After waving goodbye to Terry and Chris we moved on to Wharf House Narrowboats where we found that the engineer was off site. We were directed across the cut to Union Canal Carriers, where their engineer, Jono, had the tools for the job and quickly had the pulley off and the belt replaced. He pointed out that the engine alternator's pulley was the wrong one inasmuch as it doesn't match the other pulleys the belt touches. That explained, Jono said, why the old belt was in such a bad state (although it's been on for at least three years).

Jono tried to remove the engine alternator pulley but his "drill" socket tool wouldn't fit in the space, so he said I'd have to get it done at the next major service. I'm not really sure what that means; I do all the routine servicing, so what's a "major service"?

I spent more money today on a new set of mooring lines from Tradline Ropes and Fenders; also a pot of the Captain's sealant as mentioned above. Oh, and a spare engine alternator belt.

As we were preparing to continue up the Braunston Locks (we'd stopped above the second lock for lunch while it rained) we saw our old shared ownership boat Shadow in the bottom lock.

It was great meeting up with Bruce and Christine again. We hadn't seen them since the great OwnerShips collapse saga a few years ago. They carried on up the locks while I went to get the ropes, but we met again at Buckby where we all ate in the New Inn. (Much better food that the last time I ate there, by the way. Big portions too!)

They came back to Jubilee afterwards where we spent a most enjoyable evening showing them round the boat, chatting and drinking whisky.

Christine, Halfie, Bruce, Jan.  Perhaps I should have used flash.
Bruce and Christine come over from the USA every year for their three weeks on Shadow; they are nearing the end of this year's cruise. If you read this, B&C, I should explain that "Halfie" was my work nickname.

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Vallypee said...

All those 'just in time' jobs. Isn't it amazing how often that happens. Great that you 'met' Shadow again, and its occupants!