Monday, 22 September 2014

Some cruise stats

According to CanalPlan ... on our Big Summer Cruise we covered 555* miles and worked through 431 locks. We gave ourselves ten weeks to do it, but were back at the marina after nine weeks.

one highlight: the Rochdale Canal. We are just leaving the summit level; the feeder comes in where the dinghy is tied up

The waterways navigated were:

  • Grand Union
  • Saltisford Arm
  • Stratford Canal
  • Worcester and Birmingham
  • Birmingham Canal (New Main Line)
  • Staffs and Worcs
  • Trent and Mersey
  • Macclesfield Canal
  • Peak Forest
  • Ashton Canal
  • Rochdale Canal
  • Calder and Hebble
  • Aire and Calder
  • New Junction
  • South Yorks Navigations
  • Sheffield and Tinsley
  • Stainforth and Keadby
  • River Trent
  • Nottingham Canal
  • Coventry Canal
  • Oxford Canal

I have filmed much of the journey on a timelapse camera; I shall endeavour to upload the many separate sequences soon.

*we actually covered slightly more miles than this - I haven't allowed for the to-ing and fro-ing on the Peak Forest in our quest for water and a winding hole which wasn't silted up. Nor have I added in the mile or three going to the head of navigation on the Trent. And there may well be other bits and pieces I have forgotten about (until I watch the timelapse back). 560 miles would be nearer the mark. Just remembered: we went to the end of the Halifax Arm, oh, and the Dewsbury Arm.


Tom and Jan said...

Just as a matter of interest, do you know how much fuel the boat consumed and the average hourly consumption rate?

Martin said...

Halfie, I'd be interested in your conclusions about the cost-effectiveness / overall usefulness of your solar panels.