Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Braunston indicates we're on the home run

Today we turned from the Oxford Canal onto the Grand Union, and thus began to retrace our steps home. We were last in Braunston exactly two months ago, in the sweltering heat of July. Today's not been bad either, but definitely not as warm.

The spire of Braunston Church is a landmark familiar to most boaters, I would think.

At Braunston Locks we passed Chance. As we'd had a long catch-up with Doug and James when we saw them a couple of weeks ago on the Trent and Mersey we didn't stop this time.

Also coming down the locks as we were going up were a couple of CRT work boats. This one had been away for repair for nearly a year and was returning to Oxford. It seems to be shipping rather a lot of water front left.

Ally and Ben joined us for a curry at Brinjol in Weedon this evening. The place was packed - I could hardly believe it! The waiter pointed out that it was "banquet menu" night - a vast amount of food for £9.95 each. It had to be done.

Stoke Bruerne tomorrow, probably.

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