Tuesday, 2 September 2014

All the way to the head of navigation on the Trent

Phew! We're back in the cosy comfortable world of canals. Not that the Trent hasn't been lovely, it's just that, well, I prefer canals.

Having said that, I chose to do an "extra" bit of the Trent this morning. After leaving Sawley Cut, instead of going straight on at Derwent Mouth onto the T&M, we turned left to continue on the river for another mile, passing under this new-looking steel bridge.

The Trent here looks and feels much the same as before, but perhaps slightly narrower. It has been getting almost imperceptibly narrower all the way from Keadby.

The head of navigation is shown on Nicholson as Cavendish Bridge. I didn't feel inclined to test it, so I winded here, by the entrance to a marina. Besides which, I could see the gravel on the river bed!

It was only when trying to turn that I really noticed the current. I put the tiller over and gave it some throttle; the boat started heading sideways back down the river. A bit of astern and a bit more power and we were round and pointing the right way again. There was still plenty of width, so there were no worries.

Soon we were at the new bridge again, lit better this time, and then the left turn up to Derwent Mouth Lock.

At the first opportunity I put this lot away. Like the life jackets it was something we had to have, but hoped never to have to put to the test.

We had a barbecue this evening where we tied up in Willington. It's been like summer again today!

Now someone is using a chain saw. At 2310!


KevinTOO said...

The bridge is called the 'Long Horse Bridge' a Google search with 'Shardlow' added to the string gives loads of further reading, here is one link...

BTW so sorry that you passed through South Derbyshire so fast, would have been nice to have seen you. I did hear the sonic boom though... LOL

Halfie said...

Kevin, I'm sorry if 3 mph was too fast for you. I did slow down for moored boats! Thanks for the info on the bridge. Staffordshire isn't far from S. Derbys, is it?