Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Narcissistic bovine

We did some locks today - hooray! I'm sure I've mentioned that locks are probably my favourite part of boating. I love steering in and out of them; I love operating them. Just three: Woodend, Shade House and Middle Locks on the Trent and Mersey. We set off from Handsacre at 1030. By the time we'd tied up beyond the swing footbridge on the Coventry Canal having turned right at Fradley Junction - and emptied the Elsan - it was lunchtime. The Mucky Duck, aka The Swan, was conveniently at hand, and the sun was shining. It didn't take much thought to decide to eat there at an outside table. Jan had the pork stroganoff; I had the Thai beef curry. Jan's was better. It was lovely to eat in the warm outdoors right by the junction.

Back to the morning though: After a chilly start the sun shone almost continuously, warming things to T-shirt and shorts conditions. This is near King's Bromley.

On the Coventry Canal a bovine (I don't think it's a cow ... a heiffer?) fancied a change from grass.

Looking to the right as we passed under a bridge in Whittington we were surprised to see a large collection of gnomes.

As the sun's strength began to wane we tied up just past Tamhorn House Bridge, went for a walk to Hopwas Wood Bridge, and had tea back on board.

To Fazeley tomorrow to visit David and Mary, then on towards Atherstone.

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