Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Gimme shelter

In my last post I somehow omitted to say that we stopped for the night at Norbury Junction. That's Friday 16th April. On the way there, in one of the cuttings, we passed an elaborate shelter (dwelling?) in the trees.
On an army-run boot camp thing in Thetford Forest many years ago I had to help construct something similar, but much more basic, from bits of tree and ferns. Four of us slept in it overnight. It was shower-proof and cosy!
On Saturday 17th April I calculated that we would be at Wheaton Aston on the Sunday, when Turner's (for cheap diesel) would be closed. I therefore reversed back to the boatyard at Norbury Wharf to fill up there. Had I known that an Anglo Welsh boat before me would take about 45 minutes to be pumped out I wouldn't have bothered.
Another short day saw us tying up at Gnosall. A lovely village, where a big effort has been made to retain its status as Best Kept Village. Even the water point was prettified with daffodils and planters.
We stopped on the 5-day moorings, near the old railway bridge. The former railway is now a path/cycleway which gives a good route in to the village. We watched HRH Prince Philip's funeral before looking round the village.

The next morning we "attended" church online via Zoom and moved on to Wheaton Aston where we got a takeaway from Momtaj Spice.

That will do for now. Tomorrow I will talk about how I discovered why the front doors have been sticking and how I solved that problem.

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Jim said...

Ah! Gnosall, Norbury and Wheaton Aston! A reminder of the six happy years I kept Starcross at Norbury Jc. The Shroppie is still my favourite canal.