Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Stamp stats

We arrived back in Norfolk yesterday to a mountain of post. This comprised mainly Christmas cards: 41 altogether. As I cut round the stamps I thought it would be interesting to compare the numbers of first class, second class (and no stamp at all).
Of the 41 cards three had a first class stamp; 30 second class; and eight had no stamp (being hand delivered).  What else can I say?  Second class outnumbered first class by 10:1.  More people used Christmas stamps than definitives.  Nearly 20% of the cards were hand delivered.  (I have realised that the last three sentences sound like the setup for a logic/maths exam question.)

First class: 1 definitive (Queen's head only); 1 "religious"; 1 "non-religious".

Second class: 19 "religious" from 2020; 2 "religious" from previous years (I believe); 8 definitive; 1 "second class up to 100g"

Disclaimer:  I am no philatelist.

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