Friday, 8 January 2021

Foggy dew

It was foggy in Norfolk today. Our walk took us along a tree-lined footpath; drops of water falling on our heads the whole time.
Yesterday, in a different field - and in sunshine - we encountered a flock of twittering birds in a tree.
Unfortunately for the camera they were all looking the wrong way. We think they might be fieldfares.


Jo said...

HI, your twittering birds look a bit small for fieldfare so I'm wondering if they were maybe something like linnet - sort of sparrow size. Fieldfare are bigger than blackbirds. Whatever, enjoy being out in the sunshine.
Jo ex n/b Sarah Kate

Halfie said...

Jo, thanks for that. They could well have been linnet - Jan has a birdsong identification app but she wasn't quick enough on the draw!