Sunday, 3 January 2021

Difficult to email CRT

Walking up the Tyrley flight a couple of days ago I saw that the brickwork at the entrance to the bottom lock was damaged.
It looked like it would take only a couple more knocks for bricks to be lost into the water.
I spent a good half hour searching the CRT website for an email address to send the photos to - and failed. Actually, some of that time was trying to discover exactly which CRT region the lock is in.

Eventually I filled in the online contact form and stated that I need their email address - and up pops an automated message to say that if I need to send photos an email address would be sent. (The hoops one has to jump through! And I am trying to help!) 

That was two days ago. I'm still waiting for a reply, although I accept that it is the weekend in a holiday period so things might move slowly.

Update:  I have now had a response from CRT so I have emailed them the photos.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

If you write your blog post first you can include a link to it in the online CRT form so they can see the photos that way.

Nick said...

Experience of others suggests that if you are on Twitter that works well (I'm not, so can't directly confirm)

Halfie said...

Paul, good idea! In this case I had sent CRT the online form before writing the blog.

Nick, so I understand, but, like you, I don't do Twitter (nor Facebook).

Update: I had a response from CRT with an email address so they now have the photos.