Wednesday, 13 January 2021

After 31 years my boots are broken in at last

I bought my Armond walking boots in a shop called Kyffin in Bangor, Gwynedd, in 1989. I was on attachment to the BBC there at the time, and wanted something sturdy and reliable so I could do some serious walking in Snowdonia.
As well as the boots the box they came in has somehow lasted down the years. But not the receipt. I seem to remember they cost in the region of £100 which, with inflation, would be £250 today. (I think you'd struggle to spend that much on a pair of walking boots, though.)

But they have been uncomfortable - until this week, that is. My left ankle bone always rubbed and felt bruised. On our latest lockdown walks I have persisted with the boots as they keep my feet warm and dry in all conditions - and a couple of days ago I realised they didn't hurt anymore. Hooray! After 31 years they are broken in at last.

I searched online for the shop where I bought the boots, but Kyffin in Bangor now appears to be a vegetarian restaurant. And before you comment, yes, I know they need some more dubbin!


Tom and Jan said...

Looking at the condition of the soles... Only worn twice! :-) Which begs the question.... Why are the uppers so scuffed? :-)

Quaysider said...

Come on Tom - look a bit closer... there IS wear... just mainly on the Toes!

He's obviously been 'sprinting' in them ;-)

KevinTOO said...

£100 initial cost (excluding inflation) gives an annual 'running-in' expense of £3.22/year !! Bargain indeed !!