Sunday, 15 May 2016

Only one photo

This morning we went to the service at the Methodist Church in Cropredy. We got talking to a member of a parallel organisation to the Boaters' Christian Fellowship, the Caravanners and Campers Christian Fellowship (CCCF). It was interesting learning how they do things, for example they hold an annual rally to which about 200 members come. It would be rather difficult holding a boat rally for 100 boats without it being on the scale of an IWA National or Crick; the biggest boat gatherings the BCF holds tends to be for no more than about ten boats.

After a sandwich lunch we set off towards Banbury in more lovely sunny conditions. We tied up in the town centre and went for a wander around the empty(ish) streets and alleys.

In the evening Peter and Fran came for drinks on board; we talked a lot about "rules", especially where boats with no home mooring are concerned. Peter knows much more than I do about this!

Somehow I managed to take only one picture today, and that was in Cropredy. Another wonderful road name.

We may well stay in Banbury tomorrow so I can do some boat jobs. I have prepared the red tunnel band for repainting - I'll be lying on the rear deck painting it upside down and trying not to drop the brush. More good weather is forecast.

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